Tom School

Create fun mobile learning activities for education

A mobile application for education

Fun, educational and stimulating

Tom School is a mobile training application for elementary schools, junior highs, high schools and universities. Accompany your students outside the classroom and create very simple courses and exercises for mobile devices.

More than 15 types of learning, revision, coaching and assessment activities are available to transform learning into a fun and enjoyable time. Enter the age of digital learning with Tom School!

The app is available on Google Play and App Store.

A whole host of educational activities

Games, quizzes, lessons, memo files and more

The Tom School app offers various educational activities and covers the entire learning cycle. Games, quizzes, lessons and memo cards allow learners to discover, memorize, practice and apply their skills in a fun and engaging way.

The integrated educational activities facilitate active learning and knowledge anchoring: mobile course (lesson offering a series of multipurpose maps aimed at providing knowledge), flash course (an information card to learn a concept by associative memory), learning quiz (single choice question with correction)...

Learners benefit from numerous practical modules to train with: questionnaires and varied educational games allow them to evaluate and consolidate their knowledge in a fun way (Flash Game, Pick a Word, Quiz Game, Wordspool, etc.).

Many virtual simulation exercises are proposed for learners to apply their knowledge. An educational library is available anytime, as a very practical reminder when classroom training is over. At the end of training courses, learners have the opportunity to evaluate the educational content in order to improve the teaching system.

Gamification to build committment

A positive learning experience

The Tom School app allows you to learn while having fun, outside the classroom. It has been designed to bring a fun and positive experience to learners. If mistakes are made, learners have the opportunity to start again and improve. This diminishes the impression of failure, which is often demotivating during the learning process. Learners learn from their mistakes and unleash their creative potential.

Duels are planned to challenge friends or any other user of the application.

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