Experience a superior and engaging learning journey

Make every moment a learning moment

Your learners are mobile – their learning should be too

Modern learners demand engaging, rewarding and relevant activities that are instantly accessible on smartphone or tablet whenever they want a learning moment. Sadly, most mobile learning offers fall short.

Teach on Mars is the only multi-channel platform on the market today that is 100% mobile first – and 100% in tune with mobile learners' demands. Gamified learning activities that fully exploit the capabilities of mobile devices. Efficient, impactful microlearning formats. On-line and off-line accessibility. Voice command technology and personalised learning recommendations through intelligent push notifications.

Teach on Mars delivers everything you need to make your learning as mobile and efficient as your learners.

Engage your learners like never before

Turn the smartphone into a personal learning assistant

Whatever their age, whatever their profile, your learners will love the positive reinforcement and recognition that the Teach on Mars solution provides. Just like a personal coach, their smartphone can now track their results and reward performance improvements and new competency acquisition. They can personalise their learner experience and set realistic activity goals in sync with their mobile lifestyle, and at the same time challenge colleagues, learn in groups and feel part of a dynamic learner community.

The Teach on Mars learner reward system incorporates badges, certificates and real-time leaderboards. Backed up by a robust competency framework, it will fuel your learners' motivation and keep them coming back time and time again for "just one more learning activity"

Enter a world of connected learning

Access all your learning resources through a single elegant portal

Quality content is everywhere in today's learning ecosystem, and you want to offer your learners the best of it, whatever its source. Teach on Mars integrates seamlessly with your LMS, CMS, CRM or content providers, and our class-leading API makes connecting complementary applications child's play.

Use the Teach on Mars platform to let your subject-matter experts, your trainers – even your learners – create attractive customised content. Combine that smoothly with any third-party resources you choose. Then deploy relevant, varied learning across the whole blended learning cycle. You can even enhance your classroom sessions with Teach on Mars' real-time live learning games

Take control of your learning solutions

Deploy – track – evaluate - improve

Placing the power to learn whenever and however they choose in your learners' pockets does not mean you relinquish control of the business-critical skill development initiatives that Teach on Mars lets you deploy.

Publish learning activities, build them into training paths and distribute them to learners quickly and easily through our Mission Centre back-office. Track and analyse the activity and performance of every individual learner in real-time. Then use our powerful analytics interface to generate the indicators and dashboards you need to continuously improve your learning programmes and measure their business impact on the ground.

Try it now!

Teach on Mars Enterprise is a complete mobile learning platform

It helps businesses create training programs that are interactive, engaging and fun. It comes equipped with a wide variety of educational activities, communication features and advanced gamification. Training content can be available either online or offline, and you can customize training according to learner profiles.

Professional services

Teach on Mars academy

Obtain training and certifications from the ToM mobile learning academy


Get support, documentation, tutorials or call our multilingual support team

App Marketing

Deploy your app with success on app stores (iOS/Android) and the web


Integrate your learning app with your LMS, user directory or other learning solutions

Learning Design

Benefit from our partners’ network to build your learning content

Professional content marketplace

Buy professional off-the-shelf  training content from our best content partners

And also...

Packaged content apps

To meet all your needs, Teach on Mars has developed ToM 1, a one-course training app, and ToM 5, the perfect app for a training path including up to 5 courses. Both ToM 1 and ToM 5 can integrate with your LMS.

teach on mars ToM 1

ToM 1

An educational game or one-course training app

teach on mars ToM 5

ToM 5

5 courses in a single app