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Teach on Mars focuses on building the best technology & customer support services for you, but you may need more: consulting, project management, content creation services and technical integration. That’s why we team up with the best e-Learning specialists near you. If you like what we do and you wish to become a Teach on Mars partner, please contact us.

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Demos Group offers you a wide range of training courses. Our consultants, specialised by key skills or by industry types, are able to recommend you the content and learning method that best suit your objectives, your budget and participant profiles. And if your issue is specific, if the ideal training course is not available in our catalogue, Demos will design it for you and with you. Our key areas of expertise include core business competencies, general and behavioral skills and sectoral expertise.

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SkillsDay is specialized in digital learning and mobile learning. We strive to make your training always more effective and efficient. We cope with innovative approaches to create short and impactful modules. We are convinced that mobile learning needs a place of choice in your blended learning and e-learning strategies. Major companies rely on us to digitalize their training into fun and engaging formats.

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Our professional credo: to create conditions that inspire confidence and earn the trust of the key resources that are needed to ensure the sustainable performance of organizations – your staff. Giving full consideration to your corporate culture and your objectives, we help you to shape fluid, agile organizations, to develop the competencies of your staff so that they are well-equipped to deal with transformations and to make your HR teams and your managers key players in establishing a competitive edge and ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.