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The Teach on Mars Enterprise mobile app (available on App Store and Google Play Store) is a real mobile learning portal. Customizable, it offers various educational content that really engage with learners: quiz, games, courses, notifications...

The Teach on Mars mobile learning portal has been tailored for smartphones and tablets but it also works on the web. Authoring tools allow any trainer to easily create trainings with courses and learning games. Once created, a training course can be downloaded by learners so that it can be directly accessible on their mobile. The trainer also has access to detailed learning statistics and can optimize trainings. The Teach on Mars mobile learning portal offers trainers a high-quality solution to create unforgettable mobile learning programs that your learners will love.

Why mobile learning?

How to rethink learning in a digital world? How to catch the attention of more and more mobile people, with tighter and tighter agendas? How to give trainers modern tools to build multimodal, impacting and original sessions? Here are the challenges Teach on Mars handles with its new mobile learning solution that takes into account the whole learning cycle. Before, during and after the classroom training, for learners pleasure but also to ensure the long-term efficiency of training sessions.

Under the pressure of a globalized economy which is timed by the internet, quickly adapting one's skills and organisation has become a strategic issue for companies.

Mobile has become the number one screen of humanity and an extremely addictive daily companion. There is an opportunity for all professionals in the field to take advantage of digital assets: modern, fun and shorter educational paths, adapted to a more personalized and pervasive training "consumption".

The first wave of "e-learning" tools has reached its limits. That is why Teach on Mars has created a mean for all trainers to easily build digital educational activities that are really mobile, beautiful and engaging.

Here is the mission Teach on Mars has chosen: allow every trainer in the world to extend their field of action thanks to an accessible and simple technology.

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The Teach on Mars Enterprise portal offers a premium user experience on mobile devices. It helps businesses create training programs that are interactive, engaging and fun. It comes equipped with a wide variety of educational activities, communication features and advanced gamification. Training content can be available either online or offline, and you can customize training according to learner profiles.

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Always at the state-of-the-art in mobile learning, Teach on Mars edits a mobile learning blog. There you will find the latest trends in mobile learning in France, as well as Teach on Mars news, information about digital learning events and much more.

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